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Localmotion offer a wide range of agricultural services and have a variety of machinery available for hire with trained operators.


Please take time to fully read this page and see the full range of services we offer:








Gravel Spreading


Scrub Clearance


3 tonne & 2.5 tonne Excavator Hire


Tipper Hire


Sand, Gravel & Top-Soil Deliveries


Tree Deliveries & Planting


Building Material Deliveries


Project Management




We normally use two tractors for our ploughing services, often choosing to work both together similtaniously to complete jobs as quickly as possible. This not only increases our productivity, but also minimises inconvienience to the customer and most importantly avoids the risks associated with operating machinery alone in remote areas.


At Localmotion we have avaiable both Mouldboard and Flat Lift ploughs (in Spanish "Brazos de Hierro" or "Iron Arm").


Conventional UK style Mouldboard Ploughs are less common in Southern Spain. The mode of operation involves inverting the soil, effectively burying any weed and surface material in one pass.


These ploughs work well in good quality soils and leave a nice deep tilth, but they are quite slow to use, are restricted to working in straight lines and are not very effective when used on stoney or shallow soils.


Instead the Spanish use "Cultivadores" (which litrally translates to Cultivators in English). There are various different designs and types depending upon ground conditions and the crops being cultivated. Probably the most common is the Flat Lift Plough which works by cutting below the surface of the soil causing it to lift and turn. In contrast to Mouldboard, the Flat Lift Plough usually requires 2-3 passes of a field at different angles to achieve good results, however it's operation speed is much quicker making it the prefered choice in most situations.






Our de-stoning service is aimed at people wanting to improve the quality of their land. We can remove stone from just the surface, or from the full plough depth depending upon preferance. Our specially designed stone grader removes large stone, but allows soil and fine stone to pass through leaving a much finer seed bed.


Stone is left in rows across the field, and can later be collected and moved to the edge of the field, or moved and tipped into a pile using our lorry. The process of stone removal is relatively slow, however the results are well worth the time taken.






Grading produces a flat surface, removing bumps and filling dips. Fields which have been regually cultivated do not often require any grading, however land which has been used during construction may well benefit before it is ploughed for the first time.


Additionally grading is very useful on dirt roads and tracks, especially if they are rutted or have deteriorated due to erosion. Often we can find enough usable material along the edges of tracks to mend and improve them through grading. Alternatively new material can be delivered and spread to give a perfect finish.



Gravel Spreading


We have a number of machines designed to make the spreading of gravel easier. In addition to our grader blade (which can accurately lay gravel to your desired depth), we have a tractor front end loader and rear hydraulic scoop for spreading gravel in remote or difficult to access areas - for example garden paths, around swimming pools etc.


For larger jobs we are able to hire and operate specialist equipement such as bull dozers, skid-steers and rollers. We also recieve special discounts from local gravel merchants and can handle all aspects of your gravelling project including ground preperation, transportation and spreading.




Scrub Clearance

Tall weeds and scrub quickly grow on ground which has been left uncultivated. The temptation is to leave it untouched, especially given that many home owners in Spain have more land than they actually want to manage. However this greatly increases the risk of fires in the summer months, and consequently the practice of allowing scrub to build up is frowned upon by the Spanish Fire Service (Bombers).


Our process of removing scrub ensures that all combustable material is removed. In addition we collect surface stone, and the field is left in a graded condition. Material which is collected can either be left in rows to rot naturally, or can be moved to a location of your choice. Often customers who opt to have their land cleared of scrub also sign up to a routine maintenance agreement to ensure the ground is maintained weed free.



Tractor Hire



Our tractors are available for hire with operators for a variety of non field related tasks. Our Siromer 204S is fitted with a front end loader and we also have a large trailer - ideal for moving large or heavy items.





Excavator Hire


We have 3 tonne Case and 2.5 tonne Cat excavators available for hire with an experienced operator and a variety of digging and grading buckets. These are compact machines with offset booms, cabable of working in tight locations, yet they have the weight and power to provide high output.



Tipper Hire



Our 7.5 tonne tipper lorry is available for hire to deliver gravel, top soil or to move light plant and tractors. Combined with our excavator we are able to offer on site tipper services.





Top Soil


We have stocks of Top Soil and Sub Soil available for immediate delivery in the La Romana area. We are also always on the look out for available stocks in other areas.




Please call us for a quote:


Karon & Ian: 636 367 614


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