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Below is a selection of videos from work and projects we have undertaken in Spain.


We regularly update our YouTube channel with new videos - please check it out at:




Equestrian Arena - March 2013


In March 2013 we were hired to construct a sand school by a client who has horses. Because the site is well draining and relatively level the client chose not to go for the extra expense of drainage, membrane or accurate leveling of the area - especially as it will only be for the clients own private use. Despite this, the end result equals that of many far more expensive arena builds we have seen. 









Europeca Campsite - February 2012
A video showing the construction of the new Europeca campsite in La Romana.
During our work at Europeca, we were lucky to be featured on the Dutch TV show "Ik Vertrek", show were making a documentary about the sites owners.

Duck Pond - November 2011
A quick edit of photos and video from our Spanish duck pond project (November 2011). The pond is 35m long including a reed bed filter. A full video will be uploaded when the pond is complete - so please subscribe to our YouTube channel now!




Mobile Home Move - January 2011

We organised the move of a mobile home from Fortuna in Murcia to La Romana in Alicante, Spain. The task was made slightly tricky with limited access both at the existing caravan park, and the new site.

With the help of the experienced Gruas Valeriano staff, we managed to extract, transport and re-site the home in just one day (minus the decking which was moved in advance). A combination of our own compact equipment along with Valeriano's crane and low loader ensured that the job was completed in a speedy and safe manner.

This is part 2 of the video - please see our Youtube channel for part 1...

















Grading Land & Infilling Depsoit

December 2010

A bit of archive footage from last Dec (2010) - clearing and leveling a customers field using our Siromer 204S tractor fitted with grader. Spoil was then used to fill an old swimming pool using our Case CK28 excavator...






















Ploughing - June 2010

Some footage of Ian ploughing a customers field using one of our Siromer 204S tractors.


























Loader Work - April 2010

Ian using our Siromer 204S fitted with a front end loader to load and grade Zahora, and load old water pipes.

























Please check out our YouTube Channel for lots more great videos of us at work...